What Is the Ideal Weight for Liposuction?

Liposuction can be a life changing procedure, but what is the ideal weight for liposuction? This guide explains what you need to know.

May 10, 2021

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Are you looking to get rid of those love handles? Do you want to say goodbye to that excess weight that’s keeping you from doing some of the things you love? If you feel you don’t have the time and you want to see quick results, then liposuction is an option worth looking at.

Liposuction is a type of cosmetic procedure that aims to remove the fats in your body that you cannot get rid of through exercise and diet. Interestingly, demand for plastic surgery in the United States increased despite the pandemic. One of the chart-toppers among plastic surgery procedures is liposuction.

However, before you engage in the procedure, you need to make sure you pass the liposuction qualifications, especially when it comes to your weight. Continue reading below as we break down the ideal weight for liposuction and other key considerations.

Liposuction: What Should Be Your Ideal Weight?

What should be your ideal weight before heading into a liposuction procedure? The answer lies in your body mass index or BMI. This is the measurement of your body fat with respect to your weight and height.

To compute your BMI, you divide your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters. After getting your BMI, you want to check if it is less than 30. If it is, then you fall in the ideal weight for liposuction.

However, a BMI of anything between 31 and 35 is still passable. If you go beyond those numbers, you must first work your way down to anything close to the ideal target of 30.

This is important because people who have a BMI of 35 or more are at risk of complications during the surgery. We will discuss more on the risks later on.

Also, keep in mind that liposuction has its limitations. If you’re looking to eliminate 50 pounds of extra weight you accumulated over the last decade, then you’re likely dreaming. Liposuction cannot do that.

Thus, your goal is to be within 30 pounds your ideal weight before the procedure.

The Value of Weight Stability

It is also important to note the importance of weight stability. You cannot be too small or too large if you want to undergo liposuction. This is because too much weight loss or gain can stretch your skin.

In turn, the results of the liposuction will be far from stellar. Moreover, the surgery will not remove all the fat in the target area. As a result, the fat will remain and can serve as a source for another round of weight gain.

Also, if you want to achieve remarkable results, you need to build your muscles before surgery. Building a solid muscle foundation will help you a toned look and abdominal definition.

Are You a Good Candidate?

The question now is “are you a good candidate for liposuction?” Apart from hitting the BMI target of 30, you need to have a healthy and stable weight. Moreover, you should commit to living a healthy lifestyle.

You shouldn’t be a smoker if you want to give liposuction a shot. If so, then you better quit months heading into the procedure.

As for your skin, you need to have good skin elasticity. Thus, examine the condition of your skin. Check if you have a lot of loose and hanging skin.

If you do, then liposuction may not be the ideal route to take. It may only worsen your condition. In such instances, it is best to consult with the plastic surgeon for other alternatives.

Also, you need to have the proper mindset going into the procedure. You need to keep a positive outlook while maintaining realistic expectations. Whether your skin will tighten up depends on various factors. Your plastic surgeon will also help you determine if you need a tummy tuck in addition to liposuction.

Things to Expect in a Liposuction Procedure

What things can you expect should you decide to proceed with liposuction? Most surgeons are now using the SAFE Lipo technique.

Before the surgery, your doctor will first examine your condition. You will undergo some pre-op lab tests to determine your current health status.

Furthermore, your doctor may look into the medications you are currently taking. If you have any maintenance drugs, the doctor may reduce or remove some of them. Two weeks heading into the surgery, you shouldn’t be taking any anti-inflammatory medications, aspirins, and herbal supplements.

On the day of the procedure, the doctor will prep you by regulating your fluid levels. He will do this by placing IV fluid lines. Also, expect the medical team to monitor your blood pressure, oxygen levels, and heart rate during the surgery.

Thereafter, the medical team will administer anesthesia. This is to ensure your comfort during surgery. Most liposuction procedures involve general anesthesia to keep patients asleep. Once the anesthetic kicks in, the surgeon will begin with the incisions.

What follows is the suctioning of the fats. The surgeon will use cannulas or small metal tubes, which they will insert into the incisions. The cannulas are then moved back and forth to loosen the fats before suctioning.

After taking out the fats, your surgeon may or may not the incisions using surgical sutures. Generally, you will have to spend an hour in recovery before you can go home. You also want to take someone who can drive you back home.

Other Considerations

Lastly, you need to be aware of certain risks in liposuction. If your work mainly involves sitting in front of a laptop, you can get back to your tasks in about 2 to 3 days. If your work is a bit strenuous, you may need 2 to 3 weeks of rest before you can go back.

Like any other plastic surgery procedure, liposuction does come with risks. Thus, the key is to find a reputable plastic surgeon who will explain all the factors about the procedure. You want a trusted surgeon with a solid industry reputation.

Experience Top-Notch Liposuction

Now that you know the ideal weight for liposuction, you can weigh your options and prepare ahead of time. If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon you can trust, you came to the right place.

We specialize in liposuction and other cosmetic surgery procedures. Connect with us today and tell us more about yourself. Take the first step toward experiencing liposuction, the right way.

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