Laser Hair Removal

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What is laser hair removal?

Laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. When we use laser for hair removal, that means is that a very concentrated beam of light is targeted down to the level of the hair follicle, thus damaging it.

Let’s take, for example, your leg. Even though all the hairs on your leg look the same to us, in actuality the hairs are in different of stages of growth. Some of the hair on your leg will be in resting mode while others are in the actively growing mode. Lasers only act on the actively growing hair. Therefore, you need several treatments to catch more of the hair that is in the actively growing stage.

Since the laser uses the contrast between light skin color and the dark hair color to target its energy, this combination is the most effective for treatment.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

There are many benefits to laser hair removal:

  • Avoids the cuts, nicks and stubble you can get with shaving
  • More convenient than shaving or waxing
  • Reduces ingrown hairs
  • Over several treatments, there will be a permanent reduction in the amount of hair. This cannot be said for shaving or waxing.
  • Not as painful as electrolysis

How much does laser hair removal cost?

The price of laser hair removal depends on the extent of the area treated. Please call our office to give you an idea of the cost. Several treatments may be necessary before you see a significant reduction in the amount of hair.

How is the procedure performed?

Many patients are anxious if it is their first laser hair treatment. However, the procedure is not nearly as bad as you might think. Your practitioner will describe the procedure to you in detail so that you are comfortable and know what to expect.

Do not wax for several weeks prior to the procedure. The laser works best when there is a little bit of colored hair for it to target and waxing may strip away this “target”. Shaving is fine. If you haven’t shaved, your practitioner may sometimes shave the area so that the laser can be more effective.

You will be given protective eye goggles to wear.

The laser itself feels like little rubberbands being snapped against your skin. People describe the sensation as “tingling”, “a little stinging” and even “tickling”. The feeling depends on the individual and the sensitivity of the area being treated.

The procedure is over before you know it. It is that easy!

How is the recovery process?

There is no “down time” after laser hair removal. You will be able to wash and apply cosmetics normally.

Even if it looks like a lot of the hair is gone after the first treatment, don’t be surprised to see regrowth of hair afterwards. Don’t be discouraged because this is normal and does not represent a “failed” treatment at all. Remember that laser will only attack the hair that is in its actively growing stage. All the other hair will regrow. So for your next treatment, we will go after more hair that is in its actively growing stage. Over several treatments, more and more hair will be gone. It’s important to be patient and wait for the long term results. You will see it, but, like many good things in life, it is not instantaneous.

What are the common risks & complications?

It is rare to have side effects after this procedure but a few people may have slight swelling at the site of treatment. Some may have minor skin irritation that is temporary. Pigment changes are possible after laser hair removal. Hyperpigmentation, which is darkening of the skin, is especially possible in people with darker skin tones. At your consultation, your practitioner will evaluate your skin and hair color and let you know if pigment problems are likely.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will laser hair removal hurt?
A: We have done laser hair removal on many people and the vast majority of them say that it was much better than they expected and hardly painful at all. You will feel a “snapping of a rubberband” sensation but it is mild. Many people think that is it easier than waxing.

Q: Why does it take multiple treatments? Why can’t the hair be removed in just one treatment?
A: That’s because our hairs are continuously cycling through an actively growing phase and a resting phase. Laser only works on the actively growing hairs. Since not all your hairs are actively growing at the same time, we need more treatments to enable us to target more hair that is actively growing.

Q: How many treatments will be necessary?
A: It depends but anywhere from 3-6 treatments are recommended. After that, you may need an additional treatment once a year.

Q: I have light blonde hair I want to get rid of. Can I get laser hair removal for that?
A: No. Unfortunately, current lasers will only target dark colored hair.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Our laser hair removal experts would love to meet and go over everything you need to know about laser hair removal with you. Just give us a call at 951-699-9201 or use the link below. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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