Dissolving Lip Filler: A Guide to Lip Filler Reversal

Lip filler reversals are possible if the filler originally injected was a hyaluronic acid-based filler (Restylane, Belotero, Voluma, and Juvederm). Hyaluronidase is then used to dissolve lip filler through the breakdown of hyaluronic acid (HA) molecules.

October 6, 2022

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Lip Filler Before and After

Lip filler is one of the most asked-for cosmetic procedures today. As a non-invasive procedure, it offers a simple and effective option for achieving voluptuous lips. But, when wrongly injected, over-injected or misplaced, it can result in undesirable cosmetic results and cause major or minor complications.

Luckily, lip filler reversal is possible depending on the dermal filler used. Furthermore, you can dissolve it all or choose to reduce the volume. Read on for more insight.

Common Complications From Lip Dermal Fillers

People can choose to get their lip filler dissolved to address these filler treatment problems

  • Lips are too large
  • Lips are uneven
  • Vascular occlusion resulting in skin necrosis
  • Delayed-onset nodules, where lumps appear months after treatment
  • An allergic reaction to dermal filler

Which Dermal Fillers Can Be Dissolved?

Only hyaluronic acid-based fillers such as Voluma, Juvederm, Restylane, and Perlane can be dissolved.

Other types of fillers that can’t be dissolved include Radiesse (calcium hydroxyapatite), Sculptra (polylactic acid), Bellafill (polymethyl methacrylate), silicon, and collagen fillers.

How Exactly Is Lip Filler Dissolved?

While hyaluronic acid lip filler isn’t permanent, it can take a number of months to dissolve naturally. But you don’t have to go on awkward dates and wait for time to reverse the poorly injected filler. Thanks to hyaluronidase injections, it’s possible to dissolve unwanted lip filler early.

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme used in dissolving lip fillers through the breakdown of hyaluronic acid (HA) molecules. Specifically, it hydrolyzes the HA bonds to break down the filler. The enzyme also encourages the body to reabsorb the dispersed filler molecules via diffusion.

Why You Want Treatment Centers To Carry Dermal Filler Dissolver

Sometimes, dermal filler treatment complications mean you have an impending emergency and need a quick antidote. Therefore, you want to partner with a cosmetic center that always has a dissolver handy to reverse the filler treatment quickly. You can always count on the Advanced Institute of Plastic Surgery for on-site hyaluronidase injections as our office always has the dissolver available.

An emergency can occur when the injector injects filler into a blood vessel such as an artery, thereby clogging it. An artery clogged by filler automatically stops blood flow and the movement of oxygen to the surrounding tissues and results in the death of such tissues, otherwise known as necrosis. Necrosis due to injection is quite rare 1 out of every 100,000 cases, but it is important that your injector has on-site hyaluronidase injections to begin the process of treating vascular problems as soon as it is spotted. Our injectors are trained to quickly identify blockage signs and inject hyaluronidase to diffuse filler immediately. 

It is important to note that many cosmetic centers do not carry hyaluronidase because of its cost and limited shelf life.

The Lip Filler Reversal Process

The procedure involves injecting the enzyme hyaluronidase into the target area. You might need 1-4 injections, with a treatment time of approximately 10 minutes. Here’s what to expect:

  • The lips are sterilely cleaned. A numbing cream may be applied to minimize possible discomfort during treatment.
  • The provider will assess personalized needs and prepare the hyaluronidase enzyme to remove some or all the filler accordingly. Some people may need the filler in just a targeted area, while others will need the enzyme over the entire lip. 
  • Now comes the careful injection of enzyme hyaluronidase into the lips, going as close as possible to the hyaluronic dermal filler that was injected.
  • Lastly, the provider cleans the lips and applies a lip cream or balm.

You may experience minor pain during and after the procedure, but it will subside within a day. Also, the treated facial area may appear fuller due to swelling and the extra volume from the hyaluronidase enzyme injection. This swelling usually subsides between 2-3 days.

The Results of Lip Filler Reversal

Hyaluronidase effects begin immediately after injection, meaning your filler may start softening in front of your eyes, right after the treatment session. However, it might take up to two days to realize full results and heal from the swelling and bruising. 

It’s also wise to note that different hyaluronic acid fillers may dissolve at varied rates, depending on the filler itself and your own body chemistry. In some cases, the filler may have tightly fused with the surrounding tissues or become embedded in unseen places, thus making it difficult or impossible to completely eradicate. Your provider may recommend follow-up treatment sessions for optimal results.

Touch Base at Advanced Institute for Plastic Surgery

We are a renowned Inland Empire cosmetic surgery center with world-class plastic surgeons and injectors that are well-trained in dissolving lip filler. Our team also dissolves filler injections in temples, cheeks, chin, and under-eyes. Once we’ve reversed the filler, we can re-do treatment within two weeks to give you the look you desire — call us to find out more.

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