How Soon After Breast Augmentation Can I Have Sex?

Wondering how soon you can have sex after breast augmentation surgery? Check out our article for the answer and practical tips.

May 18, 2021

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Nearly 400,000 women undergo breast augmentation surgery every year. Women opt to get breast augmentation for many reasons, but what centralizes all of these motivating factors is women regaining control and confidence in their appearance.

Breast augmentation can help patients feel powerful and beautiful. However, it can be limiting for many patients right after surgery. Following surgery, you may feel extra sexy, however, you should heed caution before fully embodying your new sex appeal.

Read more to learn more about undergoing breast augmentation surgery and why you should wait before sex after surgery.

Why Women Receive Breast Augmentation Surgery 

Signing up for surgery can be a big decision to make. This cosmetic procedure can help women gain control of their bodies and feel confident. There are many reasons why women make the choice to undergo this procedure every day.

Enhance Your Appearance

Many women desire to undergo this cosmetic surgery in order to enhance their appearance and enlarge their breasts. This can be for a confidence boost or to create better body proportions.

Whether you have lost your plump breasts as a result of pregnancy and nursing or were never endowed with large breasts. This surgery can help you regain control of your body and amplify how attractive you feel in your own skin.

Achieving Breast Symmetry 

Unsymmetrical breasts can be a point of frustration for women and lower their self-esteem. When women are looking to make their breasts symmetrical, they might choose to use different size implants for each side.

Breast Restoration After Mastectomy 

Breast cancer patients and BRACA-positive women often undergo mastectomy surgery. This life-saving surgery can give women their life back, but in many ways steal away their confidence and feeling of femineity.

Women who have undergone breast removal surgery may desire to restore some remnants of control through breast augmentation surgery.

Plastic Surgery Recovery Period 

When you are recovering from breast augmentation surgery you want to apply as little pressure on the surgical area as possible. Typically this surgery requires two weeks of serious rest. You need to also take special steps to provide additional relief to your breasts.

During your recovery period, you will be advised to refrain from physical activity. This includes running, lifting weights and, you guessed it. Sex. 

Why Wait to Have Sex After Breast Augmentation Surgery? 

After your breast augmentation surgery, you are likely to feel more feminine and sexier. Although you might be eager to be intimate you should wait until the recovery period is over before having sex.

Having sex before you are fully recovered from a breast augmentation surgery can result in surgical complications and pain. Although you may be craving showing off your newly augmented breasts, you should refrain from sexual activities to ensure that your breasts heal properly. 

For several weeks after surgery, you will want to avoid intense physical activity, this includes sex. Not only can sex, or any rigorous physical activity for that matter, cause discomfort but it can also lead to medical complications. 

Some risks directly associated with sex before the end of the healing period include:

  • Hematoma
  • Damage to surgical sutures
  • Implant rupture
  • Infection

Sex is a very “hands-on” activity, in more ways than one. Having sex while still recovering can apply unnecessary pressure and tension to the surgical area.

If you are to engage in sexual activity, you want to ensure that you and your partner are not grabbing your breasts or touching the surgical site. You should avoid bouncing or anything that will cause rigorous movement on your newly augmented breasts. 

It is recommended that patients refrain from sexual activity two to three weeks after breast augmentation. It is best to consult with your doctor before reengaging in sex, as your recovery may be taking longer.

Reasons to Keep Your Clothes On 

Once you come home with new breasts, your partner is probably going to be titillated at the thought of stripping you down. However, you must suppress your carnal attraction while you recover. Luckily, recovering from surgery has a lot of sexual turn-offs. 

Here are a couple of the top reasons to refrain from sex after breast augmentation surgery. 

Hold Off on the Lingerie 

During your breast augmentation recovery, you will need to invest in a small collection of comfortable sports bras and refrain from wearing bras with underwire until you have fully recovered. 

Your surgical sites may continue to experience fluid build-up and require drainage during the early phases of recovery. Allow this drainage to be properly dressed and supported in recovery-appropriate garments is important. 

Yes, this means to steer away from trying out that new sexy lingerie you purchased before surgery. If you take the proper recovery track you will be back to intimacy with your new perky pals in no time. 

Pain is the Ultimate Turn Off 

You may be excited and feeling sexy with your new breasts, however, you must remember that they just underwent invasive surgery. It is likely that your breasts will be overly tender and in pain. 

Even if you are on pain medication that can keep the aches up bay you should avoid sexual contact that causes further irritation. This is a post-operative turn-off that should motivate you to keep you and your partner’s clothes on. 

You can be busty and feel weak at the same time. Wait until your confidence and health are in peak condition before you unleash your rediscovered sexual prowess on the world. 

Tips During Plastic Surgery for Breasts

Breast augmentation surgery is a routine elective surgery with a 98% satisfaction rate amongst women. Because this surgery is said to boost women’s self-esteem, this elective procedure is said to produce positive psychological benefits for patients. 

Map Out Your Desired Product During a Medical Consultation 

Before scheduling any surgery you need to consult with a medical professional. By meeting with your doctor or a practicing plastic surgeon you can discuss your desired breast results and go through all of the potential risks of surgery.

Talk About Your Incision Sites 

Once the patient is sedated the doctor will make an incision. Surgical incisions allow the surgical team to access subdermal tissue and create an opening for the implant. 

Incisions made for breast augmentation are made in minimally visible areas, to reduce the chance of apparent scarring. Incisions are typically done along with the areola, fold of the breast, or within the armpit. These incision sites are able to be easily concealed after surgery, making your breast augmentation appear more natural. 

Pick Your Implants 

The type of implant you and your surgeon select is important. Depending on your medical needs and desires for your new breasts, certain implants may be better than others.

During surgery, once the sites of the implant are fully exposed, the surgeon will place the implant into a pocket. The implant will then be sealed in and enhance your chest. The many different types of breast implants available include:

  • Saline breast implants
  • Structured saline implants
  • Silicone implants
  • Form-stable implants
  • Round implants
  • Smooth implants
  • Textured implants

When you are going into surgery it is important to discuss with your surgical team the best implant for you. 

Saline implants are able to be inserted while empty. This allows for them to be added through a smaller incision. Additionally, if a saline implant were to rupture it would be safely absorbed into the body. 

Silicone implants are going to give you a more natural feel. The texture of these implants is more similar to breast tissue. However, if this implant were to rupture you would need to undergo surgery to extract the implant. 

There are benefits and drawbacks to each implant variety, so it is important to be vocal when you are selecting your implants for your breast augmentation. Finding the right implant can help you begin to radiate confidence. 

Talk to your surgical team about what kinds of implants will be best for you and give you the sex appeal you desire. The placement method is also subject to change based on the implant type and desired results.

Bring Your Augmented Breasts to Bed 

Breast augmentation can be a great solution to help improve your sex drive and sex appeal. But be smart before you jump into bed again. 

It can be difficult to curb your eagerness to jump into bed with your new voluptuous breasts. However, for your care and the care of your implants, it is important to refrain from engaging in sexual acts prematurely. 

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