The Bullhorn Lip Lift – How It Can Work Magic for Your Lips

Make your lips fuller with the bullhorn lip lift. This cosmetic surgery helps you achieve the ideal lip characteristics by reducing the distance between your upper lip and the nose.

July 23, 2021

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Make your lips fuller with the bullhorn lip lift. This cosmetic surgery helps you achieve the ideal lip characteristics by reducing the distance between your upper lip and the nose.

Statistic by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that 2,314,720 people underwent cosmetic surgical procedures in 2020. Among this population, plastic surgeons conducted 34,236 lip augmentation procedures.

What is a Bullhorn Lip Lift?

Anyone that desires a more revealed upper lip can undergo bullhorn lip lift surgery. Some people know this cosmetic procedure as the subnasal lip lift. Experienced facial plastic surgeons can give you a refreshed lip appearance. Besides augmenting your lips’ size during subnasal lip lift, the surgeons also roll it up to increase its exposure.

This procedure includes a bull-horn-shaped incision to reduce the philtrum distance. The surgeon rolls up the upper lip to improve teeth show and widen your smile to give you a youthful look.

The bullhorn lip lift is among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures gaining popularity due to its long-lasting results. Millions of citizens desire a bigger pout created by receiving soft tissue fillers. However, this may droop the lips for people with a long distance between the upper lip and the nose. Fortunately, the subnasal lip lift surgery result is a shorter upper lip and improved teeth show, giving you a youthful look. The subnasal lip is among the most sought-after plastic surgeries for the following reasons:

  • The bull-horn-shaped incision can help balance the face better than lip augmentation fillers.
  • The subnasal lip lift gives you a defined appearance.
  • Patients prefer subnasal lip lift to avoid cannula jabs and needle injections.
  • You get a natural appearance by evenly distributing tension in closing the bullhorn incision.

Who Should Get a Bullhorn Lip Lift?

A wide range of people ask for this type of lip augmentation. Although the process was once reserved for older patients, more people as young as 25 years are also ready for this plastic surgery. Besides, technology improvement in surgical lip lift has attracted more patients because it reduces scarring potential.

Good Bullhorn Lip Lift Candidates

Anyone looking to a defined cupid’s bow or shorter philtrum distance can visit a specialized plastic surgeon to discuss their options. The primary consideration is that surgeons require at least a 1.5 centimeters space to perform a bullhorn lip lift. Good candidates for this type of facelift surgery include the following people:

  • Any person undergoing facial feminization can undergo a bullhorn lip lift.
  • Someone with broader nasal bases make good bullhorn lip lift candidates.
  • People who want a poutier lip and do not want added plumping can go for a bullhorn lip lift.
  • Women who want to look younger with fuller lips and a broader smile can undergo a bullhorn lip lift surgery.

People Who Cannot Opt for a Bullhorn Lip Lift

Always remember that a bullhorn lip lift is a permanent procedure whose implications remain irreversible. The doctor removes skin from your philtrum, the area between your upper lip and the base of the nose, to give you the desired aesthetic look. The surgeon cannot remove too much skin because this procedure is irreversible. Some candidates cannot get a bullhorn lip lift surgery for the following reasons:

  • You cannot get a bullhorn lip lift if your philtrum is too short.
  • Any person that smokes should wait to get a bullhorn lip lift. Remember, smoking affects your post-surgery recovery. Physicians recommend that you for at least 2 and 4 weeks before and after a subnasal lip lift.
  • Anyone with an oral condition or on blood thinning medication should consult with their surgeon beforehand to evaluate if a bullhorn lip lift procedure is your best option.
  • Anyone with a connective tissue disease should consult with their doctor beforehand.

What Does the Bullhorn Lip Lift Procedure Entail?

A bullhorn lip lift is an aesthetic surgery performed under local anesthesia. This elective cosmetic surgery should take between one and two hours, depending on the patients’ aesthetic needs.

What to Expect During Bullhorn Lip Lift Procedure Day

During the day of a bullhorn lip lift procedure,

  • The doctor will give you anesthesia to numb the philtrum area.
  • The surgeon will wait for the area to get numb before cleaning it and outlining a bullhorn shape to determine the skin they will remove.
  • They will make an incision between your nostrils along the incision outline.
  • They will cut the skin to the preferred aesthetic look and then close the skin.

What is Bullhorn Lip Lift Recovery Like?

You should expect to see the result immediately after surgery. Besides sore lips and mouth, you can expect a full recovery in one to two weeks. The things you can avoid taking include hot drinks and chewable foods in the first 24 hours. Eat soft foods and rinse your mouth after eating. Also, maintain the wound clean to minimize infection.

How Much Does Bullhorn Lip Lift Cost?

You can expect a one-time cost for this elective cosmetic surgery. The cost of the surgery is different depending on the post-recovery package and the patient’s aesthetic needs.

Consult Expert Plastic Surgeons at the Advanced Institute for Plastic Surgery

If you are interested in a bullhorn lip lift procedure, you can opt for reputable plastic surgeons at the Advanced Institute for Plastic Surgery. We offer our clients financing options to cover their surgical costs. Regardless of your needs, choose a finance plan that suit you. Schedule a consultation to learn more about the bullhorn lip lift and to prepare you on what to expect from the procedure.

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