When and How Should I Apply Neck Creams?

A good-looking neck is a very nice compliment to a beautiful face, and neck cream can help. Learn when and how to apply neck creams here.

May 25, 2021

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Did you know that over time, the collagen and elasticity in your body begin to fade? This causes your skin to sag and increases the likelihood of wrinkles. And, who wants those around?

Your neck, one of the most sensitive body areas, is especially prone to this change. So how can you keep this area glowing, healthy, and youthful? Neck creams are an easy way to treat your skin!

No matter what age, firm skin can help you look and feel more confident. But, are you overwhelmed by the number of skincare products and which neck cream is best for you? Don’t worry!

We have you covered. Read on to discover the best times to put on neck cream, the application process, and much more. 

What You Should Know About Neck Creams 

Like clothing, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all neck cream. Factors like skin type, age, budget, and preference come into play when choosing the perfect cream for your skin.

Neck creams should support and improve your skincare routine. Don’t only apply the cream at night and expect a miracle! Drinking water, getting enough sleep, and staying out of the sun all help to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful. 

If you have ever walked into a beauty store or strolled your pharmacy aisles, words like collagen, retinol or lifting jump out at you. Before you start hoarding every bottle and container, learn the basics. These are some of the ingredients and types of creams to know: 

Firming or Tightening 

Creams that boast firming or tightening results usually include specific ingredients that help to keep your skin firm. Things like caffeine, hyaluronic acid, or retinol are beauty cult favorites for anti-aging.

Just be careful when using these ingredients. They can be harsh on sensitive skin. 

Skin Regeneration 

Your skin naturally regenerates and rebuilds over time. That’s the beauty of your incredible body system! As we age, our skin slows down this process and we tend to see things like age spots or scarring that don’t heal as quickly.

If you want to speed things up, a skin regeneration cream can help. It works to encourage your skin cells to replenish.

If you have scarring or burns on your neck, this could be a useful cream. But to regenerate dormant skin, consider a more intensive treatment, like a chemical peel

Heavy Moisturizers 

Heavy moisturizers are like cozy blankets for your skin. If you’re feeling like a scaly lizard and can’t stand the dryness around your neck, go for a thicker moisturizer.

Look for natural ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil. This cream can pack a punch and helps to soften the skin around the neck. Apply at night and reap the reward during beauty sleep. 


Do you know the spa scenes in your favorite romantic comedies? The cooling cucumber eye patches, bright green mask, and fuzzy bathrobe always looked enviously cozy. That’s the feeling gel neck creams evoke!

Come summertime, pop gel creams in the fridge for a cooling effect. Gels easily glide on and can be great for sensitive skin. But, if you have specific issues or conditions that require skin rejuvenation, always consult a professional. 

When to Apply Neck Creams 

So, when should you start applying neck creams? And is there a specific time of the day that works best? Let’s dive in! 

Time of Day 

Does the time of day you apply neck cream matter? That depends on the ingredients. For example, if you use a retinol-based neck cream during the day, the sun can cause damage and lead to scarring.

You can wear it when the sun is shining but use sunscreen. Check your ingredients and do your research to know what time of day is best. But, a good rule of thumb is to use neck cream at night.

You won’t have to worry about greasy cream or gels ruining your clothing. And the hours of rest give the cream all the time it needs to soak in and do its magic. 

The Age Effect 

Neck creams can be incorporated into your beauty routine as early as your 20s! Here’s a quick guide to understand when to apply what: 

  • 20s: Ahh, youth. But, it is fleeting. Start applying a neck cream a few nights per week. Try experimenting with anti-aging ingredients like retinol or collagen. 
  • 30s: Was that wrinkle here yesterday? Apply a neck cream every other night and actively search for anti-aging ingredients.  
  • 40s: Sunspots, fine lines, what fun. But don’t worry! Neck creams still work magic. Use one every night and try exfoliating or adding more intensive ingredients to the routine. 
  • 50s+: Have you kept up the routine? Use your neck cream every night. While your skin isn’t as elastic at this age, you can still keep the signs of aging at bay. But if you need more aggressive treatment to reduce lines or crow’s feet, consider Botox or a face and neck lift.

It’s never too early or too late to develop a skincare routine. At any age, consider anti-aging products and use a neck cream. Your skin will thank you down the line! 

The Application Process 

Applying a neck cream is as simple and easy as any other moisturizer or serum you already use. But, there are some other steps involved. Here’s an idea for how to apply and get the most skin benefits:  

Wash and Tone the Neck 

Clean your face and neck with your favorite cleanser. Tone to remove any leftover dirt or oil. Depending on your skin type, you may want to occasionally exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. 

Go Gently 

After applying your face cream or serums, gently apply the neck cream with your fingertips. Don’t harshly pull the skin. Instead, apply the cream in soft upward and downward strokes. 

Don’t Forget the Back 

Don’t forget the back of your neck! It’s easy to miss. But, your delicate skin needs moisture back there, too. 

Incorporate Neck Creams Into Your Beauty Routine For Glowing Skin 

At any age or with any skin type, neck creams may just become your new must-have. Besides anti-aging benefits, these creams keep your skin healthy, fresh, and glowing.

You already put so much time into your facial skincare routine. Don’t neglect the neck! Remember to watch out for special ingredients that could benefit you depending on age, skin type, or budget.

And don’t just slather on the cream and call it a night. There’s an art to applying neck cream and reaping all its glorious skincare benefits. Do you have more questions about what neck cream is right for you?

Or, are you interested in booking a skincare treatment? Request an appointment with us. Our experts are here to treat your skin and much more. 

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