When Can You Sleep on Your Side After Breast Augmentation?

When can you sleep on your side after breast augmentation? This guide explains everything to know about sleeping after breast augmentation.

June 1, 2021

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So you finally decided to go through with that breast augmentation that you’ve always deserved? Congrats!

Since your surgery, getting a good night’s rest has been hard, especially if you’re a tosser and a turner during your sleep.

Keep in mind that your sleeping position can affect your recovery process. Keep reading to find out more!

When Can I Sleep on My Side After Breast Augmentation?

The best time to sleep on your side after a breast augmentation is six to eight weeks after your surgery. This is when your incisions have healed and the chances of wound issues lower.

However, there are other factors to consider when thinking about sleeping on your side again. Even after your breasts have healed, side sleeping can still affect your overall results. For example, sleeping on your side has been linked to having asymmetry in the breasts and face.

Asymmetry occurs when the muscles and bones get pulled in opposite directions, away from the central plane. It’s important to mention that asymmetry is present in everyone, regardless of their sleeping position.

However, sleeping on your side makes it harder for your muscles and bones to stay aligned with the central plane of the body. Therefore, the asymmetry is more present in those who sleep on their side.

Side Sleepers 

Many women tend to sleep on their sides or change from one position to another during their sleep. However, it would help if you learned how to sleep after breast augmentation surgery. Your plastic surgeon will advise you to sleep on your back or in a recliner during the first few weeks of your recovery.

Sleeping on your back will also be more comfortable, especially after breast augmentation surgery. So you might naturally gravitate towards this position anyway, even if you don’t usually sleep on your back.  

Sleeping after plastic surgery can also be easier on a recliner because it only allows you to sleep on your back. So if you have restless body syndrome and move around a lot, a recliner may control those urges.

Lastly, if you do a combination of side and back sleeping, consider placing pillows next to you. Creating these barriers can eliminate the need to roll on your side during your sleep! Also, this added support will protect your breast if you do roll on your side. 

Tips for a Better Sleep

As stated earlier, you can go back to side sleeping after six to eight weeks after your breast augmentation. However, it may be more difficult due to the size and weight of your breast implants. Here are some tips to follow for better sleep! 

Your plastic surgeon will advise you to sleep with some support under your breasts. This will allow your incisions to heal properly without adding any unnecessary pressure to the breast.

If you’re struggling with severe pain, an orthopedic pillow can give you greater support than a regular pillow. This will also help to reduce your chances of getting asymmetric breast due to side sleeping. 

Wear a supportive surgical bra for the first few days after your surgery. You can use a sports bra, too, during your recovery and until the end of the second month. However, the exact timing should be determined by your doctor.

After a breast augmentation, it’s advised that you stay in the dressings that your surgeon put on for you. Even if you’re taking a quick nap, you should still wear it.

A compression dressing that your surgeon put on offers added support to your breasts. They also help in the recovery process by keeping your breasts in a stable position. After a few weeks, you can replace your surgical bra with a sports bar, if you prefer. But always check in with your surgeon first.

This will give you the best healing and better results after your breast augmentation! 

Train Yourself to Sleep on Your Back

Side sleepers have a hard time switching to back sleeping because it’s been their comfort zone for years! However, there are ways to train yourself to sleep on your back. 

Sleep experts advise that you find a way to imitate what you prefer about side sleeping while on your back. Essentially you want to trick your mind into finding comfort on your back. 

After all, sleeping positions are all psychological.  For example, those who sleep on their back are linked to having more self-confidence and self-love. Oddly enough, if you train yourself to start sleeping on your back, you can also start experiencing higher levels of self-confidence. So, where do you start? 

A great night’s rest begins with a great nighttime routine. Having a nighttime routine will ensure that you are prepared for a full night of sleep. First, the use of technology before sleep has been linked to irregular sleep patterns and even insomnia. 

Its recommended that you don’t use any devices an hour before your intended sleep time. However, many people use their cellphones or even fall asleep to a TV show in the background in this day and age. In fact, many people use their devices as a way to help them sleep.

What you may not know is that you’re creating a dependency in your brain. This horrible cycle continues, and before you know it, your falling sleep patterns become unpredictable.

If you do struggle with restlessness before bed, consider meditating, reading, or writing! These activities help bring the mind to a calm and sleepy stage. Meditation has also been proven to help with anxiety, which may be higher after breast augmentation surgery. 

After breast augmentation surgery, a regular sleeping pattern is essential because your body has gone through trauma and needs hours of rest! Allowing your mind and body to relax will lead you to a better recovery process! 

Eating and Sleeping Before Bed 

Eating unhealthy foods before bed is always a no-go for several reasons. One being is that foods containing higher lipids can cause restlessness, heartburn, and indigestion! This happens because you’re not allowing your body to digest these heavy foods before bed fully. 

Also, eating unhealthy foods before bed can cause a decrease in energy levels in the morning. So if you’ve ever wondered why you still feel tired even after a good night’s rest, your food intake may be the issue! 

Nevertheless, certain foods have been shown to help with insomnia and other sleeping disorders. These foods include kale, celery, and lettuce. These low-fat foods are packed with nutrients and naturally occurring sedatives like lactucarium. 

When you see the word sedative, you may be a little freaked out. However, these naturally occurring sedatives are very different from any prescription sleep medication or even melatonin. 

In fact, these foods have to be consumed at higher levels even to feel their effects. A great way to get a good amount of these greens is by making a juice or smoothie. Making a green juice or smoothie an hour before bedtime allows for fast and easy absorption. 

Suppose you’re not a fan of green juices, then try drinking herbal teas! Chamomile, lavender, and Skullhead are all great herbs that help with relaxation and sleep.

Lastly, it would be best not to drink any caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee before bed. Its recommended that you only drink caffeine during the first 8 hours of your day. Anytime after that, you may experience a sleeping disturbance! 

Importance of Sleeping After a Breast Augmentation

Overall, getting a good night’s sleep is important for everyone, regardless if you’ve had surgery. Its recommended that you receive at least 9 hours of sleep every night.

Sleep is directly linked to your mental health. So having a proper sleep can impact the body and mind, especially after plastic surgery! Unfortunately, after breast augmentation surgery, sleep deprivation may occur; that’s why it’s important to follow these tips.  

A well-balanced sleeping schedule can also relieve pain after surgery which helps with the recovery process. During your sleep, is when your body starts to focus on healing itself.

The body will do a better job delivering oxygen to the surgery areas, causing it to heal faster. So getting longer and undisturbed sleep is very important for successful results after surgery!

Full Recovery

Now that you’ve had a breast augmentation, it’s time to change those bad sleeping habits! 

Always remember to follow these steps for better sleep! Your face, body, and mind will thank you later. 

If you have any other questions, don’t forget to visit our learning center for information! 

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