Brow Lift
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You may notice that the skin of your upper eyelids are sagging over time but did you know that this could be because of your eyebrows? 

What is a brow lift?

Many people wonder if they should get an eyelid lift or a brow lift. Here is a helpful way to look at it: Imagine a curtain rod with curtains hanging on it. Your brows are the curtain rod. As the brows fall by gravity, the curtains fall too and leaves the curtain puddling on the floor. This is like the extra skin of the upper eyelids. You can help the problem by just trimming the bottom of the curtain (only doing an eyelid lift), but it helps the root of the problem to resuspend the curtain rod to where it belongs in the first place.

A forehead lift or “brow lift” is a procedure that restores a more youthful, refreshed look to the area above the eyes. The procedure corrects drooping brows and helps to smooth the lines that can make a person appear angry, sad or tired. In a forehead lift.

What are the benefits of a forehead lift?

A brow (forehead) lift can:

  • Corrects a low-positioned or sagging brow
  • Smoothes furrows across the forehead
  • Helps to restore a more youthful and relaxed appearance

How much does an eye brow lift cost?

When you come to see our surgeons for a consultation, our Cosmetic Coordinator will also speak to you regarding the costs. In addition, they will tell you about the different means of financing that are available. Our staff is trained and eager to help you to achieve the next step toward looking and feeling great.

How is an eye brow lift procedure done?

Classic Brow Lift

The traditional “classic” forehead lift is performed using a coronal incision. The incision starts at about the ear level and runs across the top of the forehead and down the other side of the head. Even though the incision is made well behind the hairline, the incision is quite long.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

At the Advanced Institute for Plastic Surgery, we use a newer technique where the majority of our forehead lifts are performed with the assistance of an endoscope. Rather than making a long coronal incision, the endoscopic forehead lift only requires a few short scalp incisions, each about half an inch in length. An endoscope, which is a pencil-like camera device connected to a television monitor, is inserted through one of the incisions. This allows a clear, magnified view of the muscles and tissues beneath the skin. Using another instrument, the forehead skin is lifted and the underlying tissues altered to produce a smoother appearance. The eyebrows will also be lifted and secured into a higher position. When the forehead lift is complete, the scalp incisions will be closed and the area will be washed. Gauze and an elastic bandage will then be used to keep the area clean.

How is the eye brow lift recovery?

Recovery from a Brow Lift is relatively quick and painless. You may feel initial tightness in your scalp and forehead area which decreases over time. A few people feel like they have a mild headache. Any discomfort is readily controlled with medication. This tight sensation relaxes after a few days. Although many patients are up and about in a day or two, plan on taking it easy for at least the first week after surgery. Your surgeon will tell you if there are any stitches that need to be removed and when you will be able to shower.

You may experience some incision discomfort and mild swelling. Numbness of parts of the forehead and scalp can last for weeks to months. After surgery, the nerves in this area need time to regenerate and become functional again.

Most patients are back to work or school in a week. You should avoid vigorous physical activity should be limited for several weeks. Prolonged exposure to heat or sun should be limited for several months.

What are some risks and complications?

Brow Lift surgery usually goes smoothly but any operation has its potential risks.


It is rare, but if your blood pressure excessively rises after surgery, bleeding can occur. Very rarely does this need a reoperation to stop the bleeding. It is important to follow your surgeon’s instructions so that the risk of bleeding is minimized.

Recurrence of brow sagging

Your brow may sag to some degree over time due to the effect of gravity and relaxation of the tissues. This does not represent the failure of surgery but rather the natural aging process.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much time is required for a brow lift?
A: A brow lift requires approximately 2 hours. This surgery is often performed together with other procedures, such as an eyebrow lift and face lift.

Q: Is a brow lift an inpatient or outpatient procedure?
A: Outpatient.

Q: What are some common side effects?
A: Most side effects of brow lifts are temporary. They include headaches, swelling, numbness, and bruising.

Q: What is the recovery time?
A: Most patients are able to return to work or school in a week or less.

Q: How long do the results last?
A: A brow lift decreases the appearance of aging for years. However, the procedure does not stop the clock. The influences of aging and gravity will continue as time passes. The exact length of time varies with each individual.

How do I schedule an eye brow lift appointment?

Our surgeons would love to meet and go over everything you need to know about brow lift surgery with you. Just give us a call at 951-699-9201 or use the link below. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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